How many times have you made a post on a website or social media and it gets removed or you get banned because you said something people disagree with. Well I’ve had it happen in small groups but never on anything major until here recently, and I realized that whereas websites definitely do have the right to censor, our platforms like social media where we are putting our thoughts and opinions out there definitely shouldn’t be doing it (they do have the right and that right shouldn’t be taken from them however). Who gets to decide what the “right” opinion is? So I started looking into decentralization of social media to promote free speech, but what I found definitely wasn’t what I expected. I found quite a few of these platforms wouldn’t connect with “free speech zones” apparently they believed free speech promoted Nazism (ironic I realize), and many others promoted free speech but with an asterisk and a million rules on what you can and can’t say.

Being censored feels terrible, when you want to speak your mind and defend yourself that’s not allowed, honestly it’s a terrible feeling and I don’t think anyone should have to deal with that. Selectively picking sides and deciding what people are allowed to see is well, actual Nazism/Fascism. Honestly none of that sat well with me, I decided to open up a mastodon instance, which gives you access to well over a million other federated users which are users on other social media websites that support connecting to other websites through things such as OStatus and ActivityPub.Your information is stored on our website (encrypted), and other websites don’t have any control over your account, they can censor you from their website but they cannot stop you from posting your content and speaking your mind here. So as you build up followers and start a community, you never have to worry about saying the wrong thing and losing access to it all.

If you are still interested we¬† have only have two rules, it has to be legal under US law (nothing I can do here), and no spam (over the next few weeks I will define spam in detail so that we don’t end up with any slippery slopes), you can sign up here or on the link on our sidebar. Thanks for the read and hopefully we can help promote free speech more, and stop this movement of censorship that has been steadily increasing around the world.

So as of today I’ve been on my art journey for one week. Just like with my Esperanto series my goal is to do 2 hours a day, however as I realize I won’t always meet that goal I decided I will start tracking my time in hours each week and adding to to my total, so my total as of today sits at 14 hours.

A little exercise I did.

Starting out it looks pretty bleak, but this was actually a fun silly little exercise I was doing where I would draw a bunch of random lines and then use a random word generator to decide what I was supposed to make using those random lines, I enjoyed it and I believe it really helped me with trying to use what I had to represent something.

A beautiful chair.

Okay actually I take that back, it’s not a beautiful chair, honestly I don’t even know if it is a chair. But I can say my little drawings I did like this really helped me realize some of my flaws with perspective. I’ve never really been able to figure out how people draw “perspective drawings” but putting a box around my draws really helped with that.

Lines, lines, lines

I’m going to be doing this exercise for a loooong time. I have very unsteady hands which has led to me spending thousands of hours just practicing my writing. After graduating high school, once a day I would fill an entire page with my ABC’s and still do that to this day, because if I don’t I quickly lose my writing abilities completely (interestingly it runs in my family, nobody in my family can write legibly). But I already have seen quite a bit of improvement however it’s probably something I will spend the majority of my time doing that way I can write semi straight lines.

Let’s put that into ‘perspective’

This is where my biggest improvement can be seen. At the start of this week I couldn’t draw even a semi decent 3d box, now where my boxes aren’t great you can at least tell what angle I was going for. Definitely something I’m glad to see improve.

So that basically summarizes my first week of art practice, I’m excited to see where this journey takes me, and hopefully I can keep at it at this pace (I’ll be honest with everything going on it’s overwhelming me quite a bit) also later this week I have some awesome announcements I plan to make so stay tuned for those.

So after well over two years of working my game is soon going to be ready to get rid of the placeholder art and start implementing the long term art, sadly I don’t have an artist I can work with nor the money to hire one. So I figure it’s time I set aside the notion that “I’ll never be an artist” and see what I can accomplish with the right amount of practice. We seem to look at art different then we look at something like learning to program or learning to ride a bike. We think immediately we should have some basic grasp of art, like anything more than a line and I freak out and claim there is no way I can do it, as I wasn’t born with talent. I have trouble writing basic letters and even designing a basic website as I can’t see art. So today I decided I will spend two hours a day practicing art, starting with basic drawings. Today’s art actually didn’t come out as bad as I had thought, definitely not at a professional level but a good starting point I think.

Definitely needs some work, also Halo reach!

So from here I plan on updating once a week, although that might get a bit tedious I think it would be good to keep me accountable for keeping steady and I’m curious if results can be seen each week. Plus if you are interested soon I will be rolling out weekly updates for game progress and possibly progress on learning a language from start to finish. I’ll update on those two hopefully some time this week, possibly a language update on Thursday and art updates posted on Tuesdays.